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quote tornados that developed east of richmond during the nighttime hours and
is there to correct? mr. pilpel: in district 1, we might continue to use the reference to the outer richmond, in a richmond, as opposed to the -- the doe'[s richmond district. i don't know that we need to make specific reference to doe in this section. ms. tidwell: can i make a suggestion that we clarify that i write down the deviations' currently in these districts, and then we can work on incorporating the other comments that we decided to do? we will come back with a final draft before we get to this. i will e-mail it and then i can include it. give me some time to draft. >> as and give you time to make the draft? >> the rest of the needs 10 minutes to include and create a more final draft before we get to the question of what should go in each district. mr. mcdonnell: ok. let me suggest this as a weekend fully utilize the break for all the editing we need to do. there is another question that memberpilpel is raising. we will need to visit that. we have two sets of information. we have what is in the draft, and we have what is on the one- page that the consultants provided. member pilel i
at the ballot measure in richmond which would tax soft drinks. coming up next. >>> good evening. i'm belva davis. welcome to "this week in northern california." joining me on the panel on kathryn baron, senior reporter with edsource. josh richman, political reporter for bay area news group and lauren sommer. kqed quest source. lauren, is this a new idea? >> this is not a new idea. what the governor proposed was a major water infrastructure project for the sacramento and san juaquin delta. it is not that far off what he proposed. since then, the water battles have been going. the reason for that is the delta is hugely important to the california water supply. water from there goes hundreds of miles in the state. it goes to southern california, it goes to silicon valley, and it goes to central valley farms. what happened in the last ten years is a major ecological crash in the delta. endangered salmon. the biologists point to the water. they are powerful. they reverse the flow of the river. what has happened is there are rules in place to slow the pumping during certain times of year. that has not
that was proposed. outer richmond, in a richmond -- inener richmond. >> to preserve? mr. mcdonnell: in addition to or replacing -- mr. pilpel: i am generally not with the language they provided. i think it is less hopeful. i think this language is better. mr. mcdonnell: we will go district by district. the proposal is to utilize -- the district is described on the bottom of page 8. mr. alonso: yes. mr. leigh: yes. ms. melara: yes. ms. mondejar: yes. mr. schreiber: yes. ms. tidwell: yes. ms. lam: yes. mr. mcdonnell: thank you. all right. district 2. oh, -- mr. pilpel: oh, can we also have them not avoided -- voided -- mr. mcdonnell: please keep going. >> can we separate and jordan park from the village? mr. mcdonnell: the proposal is to keep -- i will refer to it as the consultant draft. >> i am sorry. no. mr. mcdonnell: hold on. the proposal is to use the consultant language of district 2. mr. alonso: yes. mr. leigh: yes. ms. melara: yes. ms. mondejar: yes. ms. lam: yes. mr. pilpel: no. mr. schreiber: yes. ms. tidwell: yes. sure. do i leave it in the paris laugh -- paragraph form? mr. mcdonnell
their information. >> i appreciate that information. president newlin: since we have a high number of richmond station here, what is your feeling on hookah bars? >> i know that the secondhand smoke inspector has been working hard on the issue of vukovar. i will leave that -- issue of hookah bars. i will leave that for her to discuss. we know that hookah -- the statistic, i have not looked over this recently, i believe it is something like if you are exposed to hookah pipe 45 minutes, you are exposed to the same amount of nicotine if you were smoking 15 cigarettes. hookah is a serious problem as well. >> do you know what is the current penalty for noncompliance to the log? >> no. we are not focused and i do not believe even the secondhand smoke inspector at this time although i am not positive about that. our project is not focused on penalties. we're hope -- focused on clarifying the law for the benefit of the businesses as well as for the benefit of the public. which is why i was suggesting we would like to meet with the bar owners rather than just sort of impose on them from on high which we
a community meeting regarding nighttime entertainment in the richmond district. the manager and his team listen to concerns. due to all the incidents i described, the rocket room decided to impose a 30-day suspension of entertainment ending may 6, 2012. during the suspension, they hired girl and public community relations and joined the clement merchant association. they have done more to soundproof the venue and have hired a new and much more professional security team. the club is in the process of changing its name. during the suspension there were no major issues or incidents involving the rocket room. the patrons, staff, or security team. i've visited late may 31 on 2012 and found there were no permit violations and all conditions were being followed. since their self-imposed suspension, communication between myself and the management team and security team has been positive, open, and honest. i have not received any complaints from residents or business owners in the area. the have not been any major incidents or issues reported. i have not received any reports of quality of life v
la ciudad de richmond la comunidad se une para combatir la ola de delincuencia que azota sus vecindarios. cesar ---en dias pasados los delitos cometidos con armas de fuego han ido en aumento... take vo ---esto justo cuando el departamento de justicia estatal informa que el numero de residentes en el estado que han comprado armas de fuego se ha disparado... take fs graphic ---de acuerdo a dicha agencia estatal se proyecta que para finales de ano, legalmente se habran vendido 725 mil armas de fuego.. esto en comparacion a las mas de 370 mil adquiridas hace cinco anos.... ---jaime peluffo nos dice cmo miembros de la comunidad se han unido para reducir la violencia.. ;01 0:05 0: 13- 0:48 0:55 take pkg intro/21:24:00 jaime peluffo/richmond asi es, richmond es una de las ciudades más peligrosas de la bahía, pero éste grupo de voluntarios no se ve disuadido. s.o.t. 9:41:00 hemos bajado la violencia más de 50%. este pequeÑo grupo de voluntarios de la organizacin interfaith visit el sitio de un reciente homicidio en richmond como parte de su campaÑa para reducir la violencia. s.
, and i remember growing up at that time around clement street. we call the richmond district the new chinatown in the 1980's at that time. just being around the tremendous unique neighborhood, and discovering san francisco in the 1980's as i grew up, but i also have been very active as a community organizer. i worked in chinatown, and some first jobs also at the mental health center in the richmond area multi services in the 1980's, and i was also a staff are at the chinatown youth center -- i was also a staffer. a lot of my work has been supporting community empowerment, especially in an immigrant and people of color communities. most recently, i have been teaching at san francisco state. i ran the immigrant rights coalition in the city in the 1990's for several years. i'm also an immigration attorney, and a lot of my passion is supporting in power met for immigrant communities in the city as well. >> why did you choose to live in san francisco? supervisor mar: a lot of people bring this up, but is one of the most exciting, culturally diverse places in the world. learning about new
in on that thunder action again and severe with a few tornados that developed east of richmond during the nighttime hours and last night, looking upstream. we're quieter into indiana and ohio and a potential of a shower or two and we'll into the weather here into early sunday and with that future cast in motion. one or two scattered late-day storms, cloudy tomorrow night and warm and humid and into the night. partly cloudy skies, 79 the leave night low and the winds, west five to 10 and hot and humid. 99 the daytime high tomorrow and there is your five-day forecast and that is on to monday, temperatures in the mid- 90s, plans for the 4th of july, low to mid-90s and could be some scattered storms late in the day and have to look for a potential of more strong storms here during the week. >> and when the temperatures get hot, things start popping. >> you know it. >> thank you, tucker. >>> still ahead, another check on power outages across the area. >> a deadly 24 hours tonight. a woman is clinging to life after trying to sea her husband during the storm. we'll explain coming up on the news edge at 11
's fireworks celebration within the past hour. amber lee live in richmond and tells us this celebration is important for folks there because it can help change the city's reputation, amber. >> reporter: frank that's right, we're in the marina area of richmond where tonight's celebration ended less than an hour ago. you can still see a few people lingering, workers are cleaning up. many told us tonight's spectacular show is not one they will soon forget. the fireworks show started about an hour ago delighting the estimated 6,000 that attended. it's richmond's 4th annual preevent. >> i like it it's nice. >> reporter: what do you like about it? >> i like to bring my kids, they're enjoying it, screaming. >> reporter: the oakland east bay symphony provided the prelude. they also provided the explosions set against the night sky. earlier in the evening the hilltop community church choir of richmond delighted the crowd. one family told us they come from neighboring albany for the celebration every year and says richmond has a lot to offer. >> i shop in richmond, we go out to eat in richmond. l
:34, sal has an update on a crash in richmond, sal? >>> that's right, we have a crash we want to investigate. chp is investigating a fatal crash on the richmond parkway. it happened shortly after 7:00 near the westbound exit. a man was riding his motorcycle but the accident closed all eastbound level for several hours. let's look at the traffic on reputation mop bridge into -- richmond bridge into marin county looks good. highway 4 westbound, it looks good with no major problems on the way. this is a look at san francisco, northbound 101 approaching the 880 split, that looks nice, let's go to steve. >> understanding in front of them, we have a little humidity to the mix inland and it is going to be a cooler day, gusting to 30 and that's an extra whole day on there. a lot of low clouds are make it for inland locations such as livermore and concord and if it makes it there it will be a cooler day. moffett runs warm and after it, it is a sunnier day. temperatures continue and now some upper 70s and lower 80s and concord 79, 67 oakland redwood city 72. the cooling will take us to
inches. in fact, some of the thunderstorms in richmond have produced over three inches. >> like a month of rain. >> yeah. we'll take it. we'll take whatever we can get. it's been awful dry. we're still almost seven inches below normal since january 1 here in the washington region. we have areas across maryland and the eastern shore and virginia where we're in a moderate drought so we'll take whatever rain we can get. we got a little bit this morning. that's down well south of us. we're going to have a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures will still be seasonably warm, in the mid- to upper 80s. 85 by noon. there could be a spotty shower almost anywhere this afternoon. this morning the shower activity is off to our south. here's the big picture. front is actually down in the carolinas but you see some of the shower activity southern western virginia sneaking into virginia now generally south and along i-64. fredricksburg, you may get a few showers headed your way. in st. mary's county south of leonardtown, we're starting to pick up some activity as well. here's a different look at the dopp
. you can certainly see in the richmond area we've had the heavy showers and storms starting to move just east, southeast. this stuff has been going over the -- [indiscernible] even i-95 reported closed in sections of the richmond area with lighter sprinkles across fredricksburg in toward western charles county and in southern st. mary's county they're getting hit pretty hard, too intense rainfall along i-64 east of richmond and across 17 and from st. mary's city to point lookout, showers and some thunderstorms here. some heavy rain and lightning. there are the light sprinkles there in western charles county. let's check in with monika samtani now, 6:00 a.m. she has your latest time saver traffic. >>> overall we don't have any big incidents near town. everything is looking good around the beltway. here's what it looks like in southern maryland. the accident i told you about on the outer loop near pennsylvania avenue where you see the icon there, everything has been moved off to the shoulder. but southbound on 295 after pennsylvania avenue, i was talking about a disabled truck in the
. at the seven days, the federals are -- how close are they to richmond? close enough to hear the church bells. they are literally on the outskirts of richmond. and if richmond had fallen at that point in the summer of 1862, what, potentially probably would have happened to the confederacy, yes, remember, that comes after ft. henry and donaldson. that comes after the fall of new orleans, which isn't actually talked about in any of your readings but is also important. you probably remember that from hh1 before. lee turns the tide. and he wins those very large and important victories, all right. now, why is lee also criticized for his aggressiveness though? mr. rau? >> he lost very early. >> yes. mr. mcdaniels. >> wasn't really the type of war that the confederacy could afford to fight. >> exactly. mr. connors, you want to get in there? >> no, sir. >> all right. explain. >> a lot of the historians -- was it shelby foote was saying he theorizes that the confederacy should have fought a guerrilla war campaign similar to what they did in the american revolution. >> not necessarily foote, but there
time. this is some area of road work that has now been picked up, it is toward richmond parkway on richmond avenue appeared for the most part it is expected to be wrapped up by now. >>> police crumbled after to champs of sect it was biggest neighborhood. officers and the lab shooting by the. the died on the scene. they may have pomps the lot on their neighborhood. is someone finally found the man's side. he will be available for adoption after he gets the shots. workers have it named tim niihau, which means hello and chinese. and a baby boom. parenting are desired such as printing stocks, have seen a baby boom. they say the seat of that trend is less the one >>> i think that sex positive literature is especially if it's pro woman getting what they want. it's against the more clients, and german >>> not even justin bieber was number one. the highest paid celebrity under 30, almost had >>> an unusual approach instead been caught his them. there is a planned to spend $2 million, thus inch shell. there is a group of says the money could be better spent. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> kicking th
'll see highs in the mid- to upper #s on. so that's -- upper 80s. so that's pretty comfortable. richmond got hit with a lot of rain. actually reports over 3 inches. this is extending into the northern neck and even toward parts of senior maryland. look at this stuff east of richmond. not a good ride down 17 going to williamsburg. southern maryland south of leonardtown approaching st. mary's city, watch out, our friends at buzzards marina and ridge. you'll get a little rain this morning. let's go to monika at 5:00 a.m. with a look at time saver traffic. >>> at 5:00 a.m. most of your overnight construction has been cleared up i'm happy to say. good morning, everybody. the beltway is looking great. no problems on the north side of town between college park and bethesda. all of the major corridors including 270 and 95 are also incident free. let's take a live look outside right now. if you're planning to head on 270, looking good from clarksburg down to the point where the lanes divide. you can see all lanes are open. no issues to worry about right now. let's go back over to the maps. this t
contact the richmond -- you would like to proceed with those that you contact the richmond station and review and make their recommendation whether we do it or not. it would be hard for us to do it appear. i want the people who are out there saying what is going on to make the recommendation. those are the people you will have to convince that you are ready to have modifications. >> understood. president newlin: in my humble opinion. >> ever so humble. >> as an industry, they went through the ringer on this. like most clubs should if they're in trouble. they're taking the responsibility of trying to do well. i do not know what the neighborhood side has to say. you know how you guys feel. again, unless officer moore and richmond station is comfortable coming back to the table, like the president said here. the neighborhood, i have not heard anything from the neighborhood. how do you guys feel? >> is a positive step in the right direction. i appreciate you making the steps you did to improve the quality of life that you did and making sure the place is secure for the neighborhood. >>
be charged rent. >>> an independence day celebration aboard the only u.s. warship built and city of richmond that is being restored here. this year is more poignant than ever shipowner lows boyle is fighting to keep the volunteer as a stroke victory a legacy of world war two history of post after richmond city councilman suggested charging the ship up to $10,000 a month to park at the port where it is not free of charge for 13 years. eteocles there's no way we get paid 10,000 a month. but for the council and this is simply a matter of months the city of richmond is close to $3 million in the red and was a says the red oak has some fine and that the radar for years. did waves of a two-step was visiting our ports since 1999 at a cost of $10,000 a month and had not paid 1¢. you can't let the budget gap of millions of dollars on a little restoration projects of volunteers. but once back rent a whopping $1 million worth he points out that the uss iowa which shipped out from the port and a paid $30,000 a month to dock here is a good keep the city from laying off workers. >>> usually averages per
another quick break. we're going to meet a richmond based organization hoping to fight neighborhood violence good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> cheryl: welcome back. we've been talking about the need of mentors and jobs to empower young people. one bay area city's chronic problem with high unemployment has brought big challenges for young workers. >> reporter: keith isng oakland's many unemployed and from where he sits, things are not getting much better. >> is it getting easier to find a job? >> no, not getting easier. to me it's about the same. >> reporter: unemployment numbers may be improving in the bay area but oakland still has one of the highest jobless rates in the state >> leaving the city of oakland but there is still a reluctance we hav
it's fireworks celebration within the past hour. amber lee live in richmond and tells us this celebration is important for folks there because it can help change the city's reputation, amber. >> reporter: frank that's right, we're in the marina area of richmond where tonight's celebration ended less than an hour ago. you can still see a few people lingering, workers are cleaning up. many told us tonight's spectacular show is not one they will soon forget. the fireworks show started about an hour ago delighting the estimated 6,000 that attended. it's richmond's 4th annual preevent. >> i like it it's nice. >> reporter: what do you like about it? >> i like to bring my kids, they're enjoying it, screaming. >> reporter: the oakland east bay symphony provided the prelude. they also provided the explosions set against the night sky. earlier in the evening the hilltop community church choir of richmond delighted the crowd. one family told us they come from neighboring albany for the celebration every year and says richmond has a lot to offer. >> i shop in richmond, we go out to e
the civil war, confederate president jefferson davis and his family lived in this mansion in richmond, virginia. in the second of a two-part tour of the home, dean knight of the museum of the confederacy tells us stories about the rooms on the second floor. but, first, we asked mr. knight about how the national historic landmark has been preserved and restored since the civil war. >> let's start back in april 4th, 1865, and that's when lincoln was here. jefferson davis left town april 2, 1865, about 11:00 p.m., the union army took over the city with the house on the morning of april 3rd, and abraham lincoln was here april 4th. he came in through the front doors. five days after that general lee surrendered his army and on april 14th lincoln shot, died the next day, jefferson davis captured by the union army may 10th, 1865. now, general godfrey whitzel had turned this house into union army headquarters the day he got here, april 3rd, and it remained that until january 1870. the union army took very good care of the house, for most part. this was their home and headquarters for almost f
. >> keeping an eye on that radar the heart of the interstate is floodingcause of problems in richmond. if your intention is to pass through, to 95 is the way you need to go. go closer to home and take where it isnia good. more to come on the traffic seemed now to news. >> the investigation is under into hal and abandoned school caught fire. it happened last night in d.c. ast john gonzalez is at the scene now with the latest. >> i have to tell you there is to thise damage building. still smoldering this morning. on the they are going to be on a fire watch throughout the day trying prevent any hot spots from reigniting inside and police are also here. they have closed off the street because there are concerns that is on stablehool could collapse. the fire broke out at 11:00 last night. mystery this morning is how since the building has been closed for about two years. was once an elementary in the trinidad neighborhood. closed it down in 2010. officials have been trying to out what to do with the property. started onthe fire floor and spread very quickly. forced tors were evacuate the s
you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am jason. a richmond resident. i am speaking on behalf of some friends. i want to try to emphasize these points that have not been fully addressed regarding the eir inadequacies. the first point is really a moral one. it has to do with the objectives. you need to understand, and this has been confirmed by dan at par and wreck, some of the increase plane time will be for adult leagues. -- confirmed by dan at park and wrecked -- rec. the second point has to do with health. first, please understand, there is a water pumping station that will be going in under any the offer that underlies the soccer field. -- that underlines the offer -- offer -- aquifer. they address this not only to the players but for those living in the surrounding neighborhoods. points fru -- four and five, and there is one issue that has been dormant. i understand that supervisor farrell has been looking at these impacts. this is an excellent idea. this was as compared to golden gate park, which has sent millions of people tromping through it. i think
. >>catherine: people and richmond are demanding get something be done about big owned properties. they say a lot of problems are connected to a bank owned properties. the invited city leaders along to give them a close look. >> than not on our block toward is what we're going to do today. >> we are looking at problems with the bank foreclosures. we have crime breeding more crime. we have transience trespassing, unhealthy conditions and prostitution is increasing deify it is causing drugs and a blight in the neighborhoods. we are inviting city officials on the bus tour. we will take them around richmond and lets them take a close look at these properties and address our concerns. we want an action plan. if it takes implementing laws, we want that as well. >> there are hundreds of abandoned foreclosed properties in the city. the richmond mayor took the tour and talk about what is being done to hold banks accountable. >> we have an ordinance that states set when a property remains blighted or is blighted from the start, we send them a notice. if it is not done within a certain amount of time,
-year-old carpenter who escaped from richmond in january 1853. he was hidden by a friend of his mother for nine months before he could safely leave richmond for norfolk where he boarded a ship for philadelphia, leaving behind a wife, who was free, and two children. over the next few years, hill kept up a constant stream of letters to still with introductions and suggestions about how to get his family out. his wife and children would join him as would his uncle and a brother later in 1861. william still, then was the conduit the transmitter of information between hill and his family in virginia. he arranged to have a large box of goods belonging to hill's wife shipped out of petersburg to canada. it was the discovery of a letter from his son who had escaped to canada that raised suspicions among authorities of cambridge, maryland that the reverend samuel green, a free black minister was involved in the escape of slaves from the area. the authorities news because the slaves all passed in front of green's house. somebody went green was involved. authorities in other parts of the south we
that requires us to look carefully with the appellants at to ocean edge and the richmond community association, the golden gate park preservation alliance and others. their attorney as well. a really well respected environmental attorney. balancing strong concerns about environmental sustainability with tremendous need in our neighborhood for much improved and renovated play fields and i know that there is often in this debate today, there will be passionate people from both sides in my hope is we focus on the environmental impact reports -- report's adequacy and completeness and thoroughness and do our best to focus on what is before us, is it adequately -- is it adequate as well? i played soccer through middle school and i have had an opportunity to play on natural and synthetic fields whether it is washington high school board member of the play practice fields and regular fields and i have seen first hand how other fields like silber terrace can transform a neighborhood to make it safer and much more improved. as the appellants will raise and our department of planning and debris and of th
ahead of >>> if you crews through the material, we are following accident through richmond, if will look at your friday commute coming up >>> san francisco's barrett and natural food companies are recalling their products because of a raft of the session in fremont. they are issuing a 31 refund. >>> happy friday to everyone. stocks closed higher this morning after the european central baking promised to save the euro parade investors were encouraged signs. the specs person earning report says it went public was a disappointment to investors. it reported stronger than expected revenue but weaker profits. if he couldn't tweet yesterday, you were not the one alone. twitter was down for several hours. the company says the average was caused by a double system failure the sites is expected to see a huge spike in day-to-day of the olympic games go under way. the gas pedal can get stuck. the company says the, has already caused one death to its knowledge. >>> we're hearing news of j.c. penney revived using its pricing strategy >>> business declined after it finished its business sales. now j.c.
. >> the stench inside of this house is overwhelming. the first house on a bus tour organized by the richmond community group " base " of foreclosed and abandoned houses. >> there are prostitutes coming in here to turn tricks. in these buildings that are left like this. >> this crack house is filled with mold, the refrigerator is filthy and disgusting and the sink is even worse. now red tagged by the city. but there is good news. richmond code enforcement says that bank of america, which owns the house, has hired a crew to clean it up. tim says that it is a good first start. >> and this is what banks need to start doing. they need to step up and manage their properties. >> in this case it looks like they are? >> it looks like they are. >> but there's no shortage of foreclosed and abandoned homes, building after building, three in a row here. some are large commercial buildings. the groups are not only putting banks on notice but making their presence known in the neighborhoods, alerting people that houses are being watched, even alleyways that connect the empty houses. richmond is not the onl
at a pete's coffee and tea 4:00 this afternoon. there were no injuries reported. >>> people in richmond are demanding that something be done about bank-owned properties which have been abandoned. they are fed up with problems connected to foreclosed properties. >> not on our block tour, that's what we're going to do today. >> how many rooms are in here? come on in. well, we're looking at a problem with foreclosures, bank forbes and everything. and the -- foreclosures and everything, and the problems that are happening now, we have crime, it's breeding more crime in the neighborhoods. we have transient trespassing, unhealthy conditions, prostitution is increasing, and it's causing drugs and blight in the neighborhood. we are inviting city officials on the bus tour, and we're going to take them around richmond and let them take a close look at these properties and address our concerns. we want an action plan. if it takes implementing laws, we want that too. so we're going to work with city officials to see what strnls we can come up -- strategies we can come up with. >> there are hundreds
. in many of our neighborhoods, especially the richmond district. then there is supervisor and president david chiu oppose the legislation that should help address some of the issues that are going to be discussed today. this hearing is really important because of the recent ada-based lawsuits better threatening many of our small neighborhood merchants. in district 1, richmond district, the cafe on 12th and clement or the noodle restaurant or a long time places have been recently sued a court challenge to for not being in compliance with access laws. americans with disabilities access laws. the richmond is not alone. north beach merchants have alerted us. many other districts in the city have businesses that have been greatly impacted or have had to close as a result of such lawsuits, but also other conditions as well. often, a lack of awareness regarding resources the small businesses and property owners can use to come into compliance and/or a misunderstanding of the danger posed by these lawsuits or challenges causes business owners to ignore the threat often. and the danger is that w
richmond. several people have been shot. this is the scene from news chopper 2. live pictures right now. the sheriff department tells us three people have been shot. this happened around 9:30 this morning at first and grove in north richmond. you can see from these live pictures there is still at least one police car on the scene. looks like they're going to be leaving the area soon. once again, there are reports of several people shot in north richmond. as we get any more information, we'll get it to you. >>> oakland police are searching for a killer after a woman was found shot to death inside an oakland motel room. alex savage is live. this is the latest in a string of homicides this week. good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you, tori. police >> reporter: police have seen a string of homicides. one council member calls this a crisis. this morning, the coroner removed the body of a 19-year- old woman from the star light motel. investigators tell me she had been shot in the head inside this room on the second floor. other guests heard gunfire around 3:00 a.m. and lots of screaming. >>
66 new felony charges. >>> the 4th of july festivities started a day early in richmond with its fourth annual fireworks show lighting up the sky tonight. reggie was there. he shows us the fun. >> reporter: thousands watched the 20-minute fireworks show live at the richmond side of the bay while the oakland east bay symphony played simultaneously. for the fourth straight year, independence day festivities were held indoors. people waited in line to get a good spot inside. patriotic music was sung by symphony singers, but this eleven-year-old stole the show. family members say they like being inside this venue, especially when it's cold and windy outside. >> i love that it's indoors. we can just relax. indoors is fantastic. it's such a beautiful location. >> this is the best fireworks in the bay area. >> it's one of those rare opportunities to get to hear a live symphony orchestra performing with a fabulous fireworks show. it really is one of the best 4th of july celebrations in the bay area. >> reporter: in richmond, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> kron 4's maureen continues our te
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